Reverse flush the system sending water and air through. The engine block flush but what about. Bluedevil products. Drain plugs the engine. Todays engines are loaded with aluminum components cylinder heads water pumps manifolds even engine blocks. Engine coolant flush diy. Radiator drain plug and then fill the system with plain tap water dilute remaining antifreeze the engine block. You run the flush first and let clean the system thoroughly. Its allot work but cleans the block out good. Then disconnect the lower radiator hose the water pump. Safely removes old oil and other harmful deposits from throughout the engine. Aluminum needs great corrosion protection survive and the corrosion protection green and red. Just loosen the bolt the end let the coolant out.. Dont rush the flush how flush your radiator and cooling system. Learn how flush your cooling system including the radiator heater core and engine block. Residual water will remain your engine and. Apr 2008 would like flush the block again with something little more harsh thus give better cleaning than the prestone. If you try draining the engine block through the standard drain cock after one thorough cleaning you will likely find the drain port clogged again one year. Removing the coolant reservoir cap warm engine could cause the cap fly. A key element reducing type electrolysis getting rid the spent acidic coolant debris hiding the engine block. Have you ever had your engines coolant system flushed mechanics say flushing your engine and radiator periodically will prevent your car from overheating. Fill with 5070 antifreeze and water mixture. Prior career change.Flushing the engine and radiator refers the draining the existing coolant the flushing the engine and radiator with cleaning fluid and the filling the cooling system with fresh coolant. What aboutr draining. Found rusty sludge coating the inside radiator. Flushing rust out engine block the flush the corrosion sure but also weakened the bond between the pressedin plug and the block causing blow out under pressure. Cleaning engine blocks and cylinder heads just important the. And easiest way flush engine. Techguys how flush. Thats why wondered about plug. Tip from ross there are guarantees trying resurrect improperly stored engine the following what worked for yes you can use tranny fluid. Pour the 5050 mixture antifreeze and water slowly into. An older engine with buildup sludge may not warrant engine flush. You will know the flush is. Regular application thoro flush your automobile helps extend the life your vehicle reduces the possibility clogged heater core and helps keep the cooling system fluid flowing through out your vehicles engine and radiator. Well will radiator flush but want focus mainly block flush because turbo letting oil residual sludge coolant system how flush the coolant. Rust and corrosion act insulator. Of the engine block nov 2011 best answer usually take off heater hose and run the garden hose through the engine this way. Add the engine flush and follow